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high quality expandable hose

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In the process of using plastic hoses, due to various reasons, there will be explosion, bulging, bagging and other phenomena. The causes of these phenomena are generally as follows:

I. Reasons for Product Quality:

1. If the thickness of the pipe wall is too thin or uneven, it will bulge or even crack when facing the pressure.

2, the material formula problem, the material is too soft to match, although the flexibility is better, but it will also be easy to pack and swell.

3. Material problem of intermediate fiber reinforced thread. Fiber threads have different strength classifications. If fiber threads with poor strength are used, they will burst easily under strong pressure.

Second, other external reasons:

1, plastic hose used for a long time, appear aging phenomenon.

2, drag and drop in the process of use, be sharp scratches, scratches, etc.

3. The service pressure exceeds the normal service pressure strength.

Even if the quality of high quality expandable hose is good, it cannot withstand the damage of people's improper behaviors. Only by facing up to the use measures in the process of use can the service life of the hose be prolonged. What problems should be paid attention to in the process of using the hose?

1. Clear the specified pressure and temperature of the expandable garden hose, and be sure not to exceed the specified temperature and pressure range.

2, pay attention to slow boiled water valve in the process of use, too fast speed, may form the impact pressure, has certain damage to the expandable garden hose.

3. When there is metal or some relatively hard objects near the garden hose, special attention must be paid to avoid extreme bending, which will damage the plastic hose.

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